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Elinor Roizman (1990) , was born and raised in Israel. uses the photographic medium to explore the themes of friendship, connotations between people and pets, and to tell their stories from their unique point of view. ​

She received her first camera at the age of 12 from her parents, and to this day she has never stopped shooting.

Elinor raises three dogs, two cats, a parrot and a horse in her house.

Elinor leads pet photography courses in Galitz photography school  and works as travel guide for Tanzania and Lapland photograph tours.



Graduated B.S.C of Animals Science, from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Elinor holds dog trainings certificate  and dedicates most of her time to learn pets behavior.

My gear:

Camera body: 

- canon 5D mark iv

- canon 7D mark ii


- canon 300mm 2.8 ii is

- canon 70-200mm 2.8 ii is

- canon 85mm 1.8

- canon 16-35mm 2.8 iii

- sigma art 135mm 1.8

- sigma art 50mm 1.4


- zion crane 2

Strobe & speedlight:

- godox ad360 ii - 2 units

- godox v860 - 2 units


- lee filter - little stopper

- lee filter - 0.9 Neutral Density soft Grad ND

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