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Fighting the beasts

the last chance of fightclubs dogs for better life 

These pictures were taken during a project I did with Yuval Mandelowitz, who rescues and rehabilitates dogs who survived the dog-fighting industry in Israel. These photos were attached into a non profitable project of calendars sale in order to raise money for the continuation of the rehabilitation activity for dogs.


Nothing could have ever prepared me for the ‘kick in the guts’ that I felt when I first met Yuval and the dogs. the tenderness and warmth of these dogs is mindblowing. these dogs who suffered the most horrific situations, and still, from some reason that I do not know, do believe in human beings despite all their abuse. i decided to let yuval decide the place for the set so once I went into yuval’s apartment (one-and-a-half-rooms apartment) I had a group of 55 dogs in front of me. Immediately it striked me that they all live together in his  small apartment. While shooting time, I tried to bend over to take photos, but they began to repeatedly lick my face so, in other words, I could hardly work.

Honestly,  I was not prepared for the huge amount of stories yuval told me about their past. the story of each and every dog. this personal story reveals many scars that stayed as a reminder of the blows each dog had taken as a fighting dog whose sole purpose was to injure and kill other dogs to amuse people.


These dogs, after a long rehabilitation at Yuval's care, are adopted and come to normal houses. The life with Yuval is not luxurious, but they are the only thing that gives these dogs a chance for a real home. to understand what it means to care and love.

When you see the dogs you understand what I mean, and how much they are worth it. And maybe you'll understand why I sometimes feel the need to apologize to these dogs and say how sorry i am for how badly people could have treated them.

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